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Protect Yourself! Avoid Identity Theft!

Blog by Team Grandy | January 25th, 2013

Every year countless people are victims of identity theft. Some don't even know until it's damaged their credit severly. There are things that everyone can look out for and try to avoid to protect themselves.
  • be extra cautious of people asking for your personal information over the phone or through email. Most reputable companies never ask for your information in this way.
  • check over your bank and credit card statements regularly for any transactions not made by you. You should also check your credit reports for any inaccuracies.
  • make a list of your account numbers and the phone numbers to call if they are lost or stolen. This list should be kept in a safe place like a safe or locked filing cabinet.
  • if you are an online shopper, make sure you are using a secure site before entering your credit card number or any personal information. You can check for the padlock in the address bar.
  • when using an ATM or giving out personal information on the phone, be sure of who is actually around you. You wouldn't want this information getting into the wrong hands!
  • if you have children or young adults, remind them never to give out personal information or passwords. Be cautious if you are receiving any applications for credit with their names addressed. Bank statements should also be checked regularly also.
  • when you are choosing a password for anything on your computer, try to use a combination of letters and numbers that are not associated with your personally. The best passwords are just random numbers and letters.
  • sometimes it's difficult to do but try not to carry documents or cards with you that have personal information on it. This makes it just that much easier for identity theives if your purse or wallet is stolen.