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How to prepare your home for sale

Blog by Team Grandy | January 26th, 2013

When preparing your home for sale it is critical for sellers to do everything they can to improve their homes appearance. Some important steps to get you started include:

1. DECLUTTER: Remove as much clutter from your home as possible.  People have too much furniture in their homes.  Buyers like to see spacious rooms so take out as much furniture as you can to make your room look spacious.
2.  DEPERSONALIZE: Pack away all of your family photos and hang just a few pictures/print  throughout your home.  You want your home to look generic and appeal to everyone that views your home. 
3. CLEANERS:  You want to make an impression on the people that are viewing your home.  Having a clean home gives your home a fresh "new" look! Invest in having a professional cleaner clean your home prior to listing it.
4. COSMETICS:  Paint touch ups, new flooring, replace worn out light bulbs, replace broken glass, replace worn counter tops, replace leaky faucets, sometimes a small improvement can go a long way. 
5. EXTERIOR: Great curb appeal is what buyers look at when they drive past your home. Trim the grass, tidy the garden, trim the trees and shrubs, paint your front door.

For more tips on preparing your home for sale contact us.
Janice and Troy Grandy