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How to Keep Your Home Mold Free

Blog by Team Grandy | January 30th, 2013

Mold is a problem that affects some homes and if the correct conditions exist, it can overtake your home. This problem can sometimes cost thousands of dollars to rectify. Even more serious is the health threat that mold poses. For example, black mold carries dangerous carcinogens and it threatens your respiratory system. With the proper conditions, your home can remain mold free. Below are 5 steps to help you keep your home mold free.

1. Simply keep your home clean. Take time to routinely clean your kitchen, bathroom, floors and any other areas that require ongoing maintenance. If you allow dirt to build up, it can become a breeding ground for mold if it becomes exposed to moisture. Dark areas like closets and basements should be given special attention.

2. Keep your home dry! Depending on which climate you live in, that may seem easier said than done. If you keep on top of things it is possible to keep the inside dry. On nice days, opening windows and turning on fans are great for keeping healthy air flow. An air conditioner can also be used to circulate the air and if the humidity is too high, run a dehumidifier during the day - this will kill excess moisture.

3. Get rid of any moisture in your home as you encounter it. Do not let water remain for more than 24 hours after a flood or other water damage. In the bathroom, wipe down walls after you shower immediately. If your windows have condensation, wipe them down with a cloth or paper towel.

4. Make sure your home is well insulated. Mold can appear if moisture seeps in through a leaky roof, plumbing or poor insulation. Have any of these problems fixed immediately through a professional. Caulking and other sealants can be used as moisture barriers between cracks and beneath doors.


5. Keep on top of your home regularly. Overlooked locations such as your water heater, attic and basement should be checked from time to time. If you see any signs of thick slime or a musty odor then you know there's a problem. If it's caught early, you can save yourself thousands in repairs. If you find mold that's just in a small area and isolated, use a dehumidifier or a heater to dry it then spray with bleach and four parts water or vinegar. Wipe the area and dry again.


By following the five things above, you are helping to ensure that your home remains mold free!