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Team Grandy's Christmas Safety Tips

Blog by Team Grandy | December 15th, 2010

The hanging of Christmas lights signals the beginning of the holiday season and fills everyone with good cheer. When people get carried away with these decorations, they can forget to protect a roof when hanging Christmas lights which can ultimately start a house fire. Team Grandy would like you and your family to stay safe so we've included some tips for hanging Christmas lights:

  1. Check all of the Christmas lights for any worn wires or defective bulbs. These frayed or worn wires can cause sparks, which ignites a house fire. In order to protect a roof when hanging Christmas lights a person must check all the wires that will come into contact with the roof.

  2. Test the hanging Christmas lights thoroughly before hanging them on the roof. The lights can appear as if they pose no threat but when turn them on a short could occur and damage the roof. Be sure to plug all of the lights in on the ground and test their safety before you hang them.

  3. Use plastic shingle tabs or light clips to attach the Christmas lights to the roof. You can purchase these plastic clips at most any home improvement store. See the resources section for more information. Do not use staples or nails to secure the light to the roof. This can damage the roof and it can wear away protective insulation.

  4. Hang the Christmas lights from underneath the gutter and bypass hanging the lights on the roof altogether. You can use shingle tabs for this as well. This way you avoid any possible damage and protect a roof when hanging Christmas lights.